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Due to circumstances such as children aging out and relocations, our current board members, who are all volunteers with full-time jobs and families, stepped in to sustain and enhance PHSA. Over the past year, we successfully reinstated our 501(c)(3) charity status and transformed our website into a user-friendly, mobile-first platform.  Now, as we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we are seeking a new president to lead the way.

We are now actively seeking nominations for our upcoming election of a new president. Experienced board members will provide support and guidance to the newly elected president.

Nomination Process for PHSA President:

Please fill out the 2024 PHSA Board Nomination Form to nominate yourself or someone you believe possesses the passion and commitment to lead PHSA into the future. Your input is invaluable, and we appreciate your support in shaping the next phase of our soccer community.

******Click on the Google Form Below to nominate yourself or someone you know for PHSA President******

Once we receive this nomination, we will reach out via email to the nominee and provide them with the official 2024 PHSA Board Candidate Form to complete.

Thank you for being an integral part of the PHSA family.

The role of the  PHSA president is multifaceted and involves overseeing various aspects of the organization. Here is a summary of duties typically associated with the position:
  1. Leadership: Provide strong and visionary leadership to the soccer association, setting goals and objectives to enhance the overall experience for players, coaches, and members.

  2. Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategic plans for the growth and development of the soccer association, aligning with the organization's mission and values.

  3. Administration: Assist committee members with day-to-day administrative operations to ensure the smooth functioning of the association.

  4. Board Management: Work closely with the board of directors, providing guidance and support to ensure effective governance, decision-making, and compliance with organizational bylaws.

  5. Community Engagement: Foster positive relationships within the community, promoting the association's programs, and addressing the needs and concerns of players, parents, and volunteers.

  6. Fundraising and Sponsorship: Seek and secure funding opportunities, sponsorships, and partnerships to support the financial sustainability of the soccer association.

  7. Player Development: Collaborate with coaches and staff to implement programs that focus on player development, skill-building, and a positive soccer experience for all participants.

  8. Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant local, state, and national soccer governing bodies, as well as adherence to applicable rules and regulations.

  9. Conflict Resolution: Address and resolve conflicts or issues that may arise within the association, promoting a positive and inclusive environment for all stakeholders.

  10. Communication: Effectively communicate with members, parents, coaches, and stakeholders, keeping them informed about association activities, events, and any changes in policies or procedures.

  11. Represent the Association: Act as the primary representative of the soccer association in dealings with external organizations, leagues, and other stakeholders.

  12. Risk Management: Identify and address potential risks or challenges, implementing measures to mitigate issues related to safety, legal matters, or other concerns.

  13. Advocacy: Advocate for the interests of the soccer association and its members at local and regional levels, promoting the importance of soccer in the community.

  14. Evaluation and Improvement: Regularly assess the effectiveness of programs, policies, and overall operations, seeking opportunities for improvement and growth.

  15. Volunteer Recruitment and Retention: Foster a culture of volunteerism, actively recruiting and retaining volunteers to support various roles within the soccer association.


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